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Things you should know:

  • Recreational marijuana use is legal in Colorado. However, both Colorado Law and Federal Law give us the right to prohibit the smoking or growing of marijuana in any of our properties; we vigorously exercise this right.

  • Before applying please verify that the property will be available at your desired time-frame and accepts your pets if you have any.

  • Be aware that the security deposit in certified funds will be due upon notification that your application has been approved. Approved applicants are typically given 2 business days to provide funds before the offer expires.

  • Until your deposit has been placed, and you have received a notice of acceptance in writing, the property is still on the market and available to other parties.

  • There is a non-refundable fee of $50 for each applicant in order to apply.

  • Applications will not be processed until payment has been received.

  • Your application is not complete until payment of application fee(s), proof of income, and legible copy of government issued photo id(s) has been provided

  • Each adult (18 or older) must fill out an application.

  • Once you enter the lease agreement, only online electronic payments are accepted(Debit, Credit or Bank), no checks or cash whatsoever are allowed. A convenience fee of $4.50 applies for debit and bank payment, and a percentage fee applies for credit card payments.

The Application Process:

  • Applicants are selected based on overall qualifications.

  • Applications are continued to be accepted up until the point an approved applicant has placed the security deposit.

  • In the event more than one applicant is approved, the first approved applicant to provide a deposit will be awarded the lease.

General Application Requirements:

  1. Minimum monthly income must be 2 times the monthly rent for each adult. Legally married couples may combine income.

  2. Minimum credit score of 690

  3. No foreclosures in the past 3 years

  4. No previous eviction filings or evictions on your record including judgments that did not go to full eviction

  5. No unpaid balances reported on past rentals or utilities

  6. No felonies in the past 7 years

  7. No misdemeanors in the last 3 years with the exception of minor infractions classified as traffic, DUI, alcohol related offense (non-traffic).

  8. We will not be able to rent to you if you are a: Registered Sex Offender, Convicted Murderer, or on the Terrorist List (OFAC)

  9. Proof of Income: Every applicant must provide verifiable proof of current income.

    ***If you fail to meet one or more of these requirements Vestra Property Management, at its discretion may offer conditional approval terms, such as increased security deposit and/or pre-paid rent.***

Acceptable proof of income includes:

  1. Pay-stubs for the last 4 months

  2. Bank Statements for 6 months showing direct deposit from employer

  3. Court ordered child support or alimony

  4. Most recent W2 if from current employer

  5. Tax returns and last 3 months of personal bank statements or last six months of personal bank statements for self-employed individuals, additional documents may be requested at Vestra’s discretion.

  6. Verification of employment with income completed Offer letter/contract on letterhead and signed by employer if starting a new job

  7. If you are moving from another City, we require verification from your employer that you will continue with your current employment, or proof of income from your new employer in the form of an official offer letter.

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