In the property management business, there are two main ingredients to success; having properties to lease, and good residents to lease them. But unfortunately, most property management companies seem to treat their tenant’s as a second rate client…

This is not the case with Vestra; our goal is to find good residents who take good care of the property and keep them for the long term.

Vestra understands the needs of our residents in Colorado’s current market; with lease rates at record highs, it can be particularly frustrating to look at home after home and question the quality and condition of them for the cost vs value.

While I cannot control the market, I can do my best to work with homeowners who allow me to maintain and upkeep the properties to a good condition, so in turn I can attract quality residents like you, who help to ensure the properties stay in that condition.

When you work with Vestra you won’t be assigned to a random rental agent looking for their next commision; you will deal with me as the owner and operator of the company directly.

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From our Residents:

Hello Brandon,

We left the keys and garage door remotes on the counter with the receipts for the carpet cleaning.

Steve and I wanted to thank you for all of your help with the property for the last 2 years, you have been the best, most attentive landlord we have ever had. You made our transition to Colorado less stressful. We both wish you and the homeowners the best of luck with the property!

Joanna W.

Email from residents Joanna and Steve W.

Good morning Brandon

Thank you for your help last night! I am really embarrassed about locking myself out. Having no other options I called you expecting nothing and that I would have to call a locksmith or something being it was 11:30 at night and I have no friends out here yet. I couldn’t beleive it when you called me right back to tell me you were on your way.  Thank you thank you thank you!

Email from resident Christine W.

Hello Brandon

I was selected to write on behalf of all of us (Shane, Keturah and Amy). We really appreciate how well you treated us and the extra efforts you took with us. None of us have ever lived on our in a house before and without you taking the time to show us how to do things and checking up on us we would have had no idea what to do and would have probably cost us a lot of money as it did a friend of ours whose pipes froze.

Thank you for treating us so well and working with us on the issue in December, we all wish you the best!


Thank you email from residents