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As you look over the information about Vestra, you will quickly see that our program is much different from any other property management firm in the business!

This has been done intentionally to eliminate all of the questionable issues that arise from the nature of the industry’s standard programs. Everything from the typical large staff, to maintenance profit, to commission based wages has been removed from the equation.

What is left is a program which operates off of mutually assured interest with organic checks and balances which assure Vestra can only be successful under the condition that it does well for its clients on a long term basis. It is these fundamental incentives, combined with the unparalleled level of personal customer service we provide, that separates Vestra from any other property manager on the market.

 Vestra has achieved overwhelming success and consistently proven that our business model creates more solid and respected long term relationships which require less maintenance and create a better bottom line for all parties involved.

Vestra’s program not only provides a superior and much more personal service than our competition, it also allows us it to do so at much lower costs than the competition: Clients switching to Vestra typically see an average savings of 30-50%.

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Our Home Owners Say

We have several properties managed by Vestra, Brandon has been easy to communicate with (important when they are controlling your investments). When we’ve had issues, he’s worked to solve the problems to make a win-win solution for all parties involved. Vestra is different from most other property management companies in that they charge a flat rate each month to take care of the property, making it a very good value for us. Brandon has gone through some changes in the past few years with his businesses, and I believe that they are very reliable and trustworthy. We know that our tenants are well-chosen for our properties and well-taken care of by Brandon and his staff. I feel comfortable recommending Brandon and Vestra to others who want a good, reliable property management company.

Online Review from Brenda & Kevin F.

“Good evening Brandon!

Shawn and I were having dinner tonight, discussing our properties (and the great job you have done for us) and realized it’s been nearly 8 years now! If you remember, when we first came to you we had 3 rentals and things were so bad we were on the verge of selling them for a loss and getting out of the business. Thanks to your amazing services we did the opposite were able to make it to the 20 property mark we originally set as our goal.  We were able to gain enough that we have made out exceptionally well with the ones we sold this year and last. We simply would not be in this situation if it wasn’t for you.   We wanted to write just to express that we can not thank you enough for the work you do as our property manager but we can try 😉

We  have a little something on its way to you, so watch the mail.

Hope you are well, sorry to email at such an odd hour.”

Email from Shawn & Brandi M. - Real Estate Investors

“Brandon has always done everything he promised and more in some cases. The speed at which he replies to emails and accomplishes tasks never ceases to amaze me. Most importantly he has been able to consistently place nothing but good tenants in my house for over 5 years until I sold the property. It was in about the same condition as when I was forced to lease it in 2010. This allowed me to get top dollar for it in 2017!  Thank you Brandon, I hope we have the opportunity to do business in the future!!!”

Frank C. from a 5 star review posted online:

Brandon is pro-active.Back in 2011, my home was for sale, getting limited interest. He approached me and asked me if I would consider renting out my home. I have had qualified tenants for the past 5 years and my home maintains it’s integrity. The fee is fair to both parties and Brandon takes care of my property like his own.

Online review by David D.

“Many novice real estate investors soon quit the profession and invest elsewhere. I was on the verge of doing so back in 2009. It was then that I had the good fortune of meeting Brandon and hiring his company to manage my properties. Just the simple fact of him placing good tenants and alleviating all of the headache I had dealt with before encouraged me to continue. Because of that I had 35 properties going into 2015 and was able to do quite well when I decided to sell 20 of them. Looking back I realize just how close I came to going a different direction, and while I cant say for certain where that would have led me, I can say two things for sure: 1, I probably would not have made out as well as I have. 2. If it wasn’t for Brandon I most likely would not be where I am today. It’s crazy the big implications small decisions can make, my decision to use Brandon was definitely one of those situation!

Lance S. from a letter of recommendation

Provided exactly what he promised, no issues and I received 24 months of rent for two years time. Maintenance costs were cheaper than I could find on my own. Would highly recommend service to my friends and family.

5 star review from Andrew R.

My family and I were in the process of moving out of state in 2013, I couldn’t get what I wanted for selling my property. My real estate agent referred me to Vestra. I was leary about renting our first home that we had worked so hard to get. After meeting with Brandon he assured me that the home was in good hands and I felt comfortable enough to give it a try. Fast forward 4 years, Brandon has not let me down, he has had good tenants the whole time and I have not missed any months rent. I am getting a very good monthly rate that helps me pay for almost the entire mortgage on my second house. I take every opportunity I can get to refer Vestra Property Management!

Online review by Nick E.