Tired of all the fees?

Denver Property Management

Our fee structure is the core aspect of our program which creates the mutually aligned incentive Vestra’s business model is based on! A byproduct of this is that our services cost you an average of 30-45% less annually than our competitors programs.

The fee structures other property managers use  create situations in which it is actually more profitable for them to have multiple tenants in short periods of time. This means that if they do a poor job in selecting tenants, they actually make more money, while your property and your financials carry the burden for them.

This is why Vestra has created it’s own, completely different model in which situations like these would amount to unsustainable business.

In other words, if Vestra does not do a great job placing good tenants and managing your property, we do not succeed. Is this not how all businesses should function?

First, let’s go over Vestra’s fee structure:

1.       A tax deductible monthly management fee of 10% of the monthly rental amount.

2.       That’s it! No hidden charges, no leasing fees, no eviction fees, no maintenance mark up.  Pretty simple, right?

While a 10% fee may sound the same as what the other companies claim to charge, they are conveniently leaving out all of the other fees they commonly charge, this is the only fee Vestra has.

If you would like some insider’s insight into the fee’s the other companies charge, CLICK HERE!

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