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Vestra Property Management works on behalf of a select group of clients who prefer dealing with a streamlined company for the level of efficiency and personal service which we provide.

By utilizing a business model in which there are only mutually beneficial incentives, we provide our clients with the assurance that Vestra operates with all parties’ best interests in mind.

Vestra has earned a well-regarded reputation because we take a passion in fulfilling the  unique needs of each of our clients, while becoming an extraordinary asset for our real estate investors.

We are very proud of the track record that we have achieved and maintained throughout the years:

  • DORA Complaints: 0

  • Negative Reviews: 0

  • Evictions since 2009: 0

  • Client Retention with the exception of sold properties: 100%

  • Average Vacancy in between tenants: 4 days ( April – October 2017 )

  • Average Time to obtain a tenant without current lease: 12 days ( April – October 2017 )

  • Lease renewal rate: 83%

While Vestra has chose to focus solely on residential property management, we are partnered directly with Real Estate professionals who work with our clients to increase their portfolio, or to make quick, profitable sales when the time is most opportune.

With over a decade of experience managing homes for thousands of individuals, investors, and residents, I look forward to the opportunity to show you just how big of a difference Vestra’s program makes!

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Do you have a property manager, but you’re unhappy with their service?
Meet Vestra Property Management!

Vestra is property management… Revitalized!
Vestra has eliminated all of the negative incentives by creating a completely new business model which uses a simple, single fee program.
Virtually all property managers in the business work off of a leasing fee. This fee is charged to you upon signing a lease with a tenant. This provides them and their agents (paid by commission) with a very questionable incentive; lease your home as fast as possible so they can get a big chunk of their payment right away… on top of all the other monthly management costs and other fees they will charge later.
What this frequently leads to is one of the worst things possible in the rental business; poor tenant selection. There are no checks or balances in place to ensure these property managers choose good tenants, it’s actually the opposite: If they choose a bad tenant, they will actually profit more by way of evictions fees, cleaning charges, maintenance or all of the above..
Then, after all that, they can start the cycle over again with a new tenant, and another leasing fee.
This is why Vestra Property Management has done away with all of the fees and mark up.
In doing so, Vestra has created a program with a mutually beneficial incentive between you as our client, and Vestra as your property manager! This assures you we won’t profit until we carry out our services to you as promised.
A byproduct of the redesigned fee structure is that Vestra’s services cost an average of 50% less than our competitors, for a better, more valuable set of services.
All of the standard property management services and more are provided to you at half the cost in exchange for a single monthly management fee of 10% of the rental rate!.
Contact Vestra Property Management today and let me show the real difference my program can make!
Brandon Rockhold
Owner and Operator

From our homeowners and residents:

“Good evening Brandon!

Shawn and I were having dinner discussing our properties (and the great job you have done for us) and realized it’s been nearly 8 years now! If you remember, when we came to you we had 3 rentals and things were so bad we were on the verge of selling them and just doing short term flips. Thanks to your amazing services we were able to make it to the 20 property mark we always planned on.  We were able to gain enough that we have made out exceptionally well with the ones we sold this year and last. We simply would not be in this situation if it wasn’t for you.   We wanted to write and express that we can not thank you enough for the work you do as a property manager but we can try; We  have a little something on its way to you, so watch the mail.

Hope you are well, sorry to email at such an odd hour.”

Email from Shawn & Brandi M. - Real Estate Investors

“Brandon has always done everything he promised and more in some cases. The speed at which he replies to emails and accomplishes tasks never ceases to amaze me. Most importantly he has been able to consistently place nothing but good tenants in my house for 7 years until I sold the property. It was in about the same condition as when I was forced to lease it in 2010. This allowed me to get top dollar for it in 2017!  Thank you Brandon, I hope we have the opportunity to do business in the future!!!”

Frank C. from a 5 star review posted online:

“Many novice real estate investors soon quit the profession and invest elsewhere especially in unstable markets. I was on the verge of doing just this back in 2006. It was then that I had the good fortune of meeting Brandon and hiring his company to manage my properties. Just the simple fact of him placing good tenants and alleviating all of the headache I had dealt with before encouraged me to continue. Because of that I had 35 properties going into 2015 and was able to do quite well when I decided to sell 20 of them. Looking back I realize just how close I came to going a different direction, and while I cant say for certain where that would have led me, I can say two things for sure:

1. I probably would not have made out as well as I recently have.

2. If it wasn’t for Brandon I most likely would not be where I am today. It’s crazy the big implications small decisions can make, my decision to use Brandon was definitely one of those situations!”

Lance S. from a letter of recommendation

I signed up with the owner Brandon in 2009 when it was IPS, I was fortunate enough to remain with him when he started Vestra Property Management throughout the years. until I sold the property in 2016. Working with Brandon made being a landlord extremely easy, We never experienced any major issues. Brandon humbly says that we had good luck, but after seeing how things have gone with others I know who rent homes, I can tell that it had far more to do with his level of care, and the tenacity that he exercised it with.

I loved the convenience of being able to talk with him directly anytime I ever had a question or need. I dont think I ever got his voicemail!

He always returned emails very quickly. And in the course of 8 years and 6 tenants I got rent 100% of every months rent without skipping a beat!

The home was in great condition when I sold it and what started as a scary situation in a horrible economy in 2009, turned into huge profits in 2016!

Thanks Brandon!

Nathan J. from an online review

Brandon is pro-active.Back in 2011, my home was for sale, getting limited interest. He approached me and asked me if I would consider renting out my home. I have had qualified tenants for the past 5 years and my home maintains it’s integrity. The fee is fair to both parties and Brandon takes care of my property like his own.

Online Review by David D.

Hello Brandon,

We left the keys and garage door remotes on the counter with the receipts for the carpet cleaning.

Steve and I wanted to thank you for all of your help with the property for the last 2 years, you have been the best, most attentive landlord we have ever had. You made our transition to Colorado less stressful. We both wish you and the homeowners the best of luck with the property!

Joanna W.

Email from residents Joanna and Steve W.

Good morning Brandon

Thank you for your help last night! I am really embarrassed about locking myself out. Having no other options I called you expecting nothing and that I would have to call a locksmith or get a hotel or something being it was 11:30 at night and I have no friends out here yet. I couldn’t beleive it when you called me right back to tell me you were on your way.  Thank you thank you thank you!

Email from resident Christine W.

Hello Brandon

I was selected to write on behalf of all of us (Shane, Keturah and Amy). We really appreciate how well you treated us and the extra efforts you took with us. None of us have ever lived on our in a house before and without you taking the time to show us how to do things and checking up on us we would have had no idea what to do and would have probably cost us a lot of money as it did a friend of ours whose pipes froze.

Thank you for treating us so well and working with us on the issue in December, we all wish you the best!


Thank you email from residents

Provided exactly what he promised, no issues and I received 24 months of rent for two years time. Maintenance costs were cheaper than I could find on my own. Would highly recommend service to my friends and family.

5 star online review from homeowner Andrew R.

We have several properties managed by Vestra, Brandon has been easy to communicate with (important when they are controlling your investments). When we’ve had issues, he’s worked to solve the problems to make a win-win solution for all parties involved. Vestra is different from most other property management companies in that they charge a flat rate each month to take care of the property, making it a very good value for us. Brandon has gone through some changes in the past few years with his businesses, and I believe that they are very reliable and trustworthy. We know that our tenants are well-chosen for our properties and well-taken care of by Brandon and his staff. I feel comfortable recommending Brandon and Vestra to others who want a good, reliable property management company.

Online review by Brenda & Kevin F.

My family and I were in the process of moving out of state in 2013, I couldn’t get what I wanted for selling my property. My real estate agent referred me to Vestra. I was leary about renting our first home that we had worked so hard to get. After meeting with Brandon he assured me that the home was in good hands and I felt comfortable enough to give it a try. Fast forward 4 years, Brandon has not let me down, he has had good tenants the whole time and I have not missed any months rent. I am getting a very good monthly rate that helps me pay for almost the entire mortgage on my second house. I take every opportunity I can get to refer Vestra Property Management!

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Gas Leak:
1.Leave the property immediately!
2.Once outside Call 1-800-895-2999 or 911.
3.After you have followed the instructions provided by the proper authorities, please notify Vestra as soon as possible @ 720-580-1051